What Is Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing?

Electronic contract manufacturing services

Solutions to Accelerate Innovation and Garner Savings

End-to-end PCB assembly by world-class companies like Power Design Services allows you to focus on your core competencies with the added benefits of reduced cost and time to market. From material procurement to circuit board design and manufacturing, and supply chain management, we serve your needs helping you reach customers faster. Here is an overview of what our turnkey electronic manufacturing services consist of, and how you can use them to reduce your build time and cost.

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When to Use Flex Circuit vs. Rigid Circuit Boards

Rigid circuit boards tend to form the backbone of most innovative new products. However, innovation can sometimes be sacrificed to available space because manufacturers increasingly want to make their devices smaller and smaller. This points to an increasing trend towards using flexible circuits for a wide variety of applications.

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How We Produce the Best Circuit Boards – Fast!

Professionally assembling circuit boards used to be slow. Many circuit board manufacturers still take up to two weeks or longer to produce circuit boards according to customer design specifications. we have developed cutting edge processes to shorten that time to three to five days on average.

At Power Design Services, we have developed cutting edge processes to shorten that time to three to five days on average. We excel at quickly delivering reliable, high quality circuit boards to our clients. We invest in the efficiency and speed of our assembly floor and continually improve our processes to deliver better, faster, and more dependable results.

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Common Causes for Printed Circuit Board Failure

Understand the Common Causes for Printed Circuit Board Failures

Component and Layout Reviews by Our Experts will Help Avoid Rework 

Printed circuit boards are integral components in all electronics, including highly-sensitive medical devices, satellites, computers and the hottest wearables on the market. When a PCB in your smartphone fails, it affects your professional and personal life. PCB failure in a medical device can have far-reaching consequences and affect patient safety.

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Tab-Routed Array Panelization

Improve Assembly Turnaround For Tab-Routed Array Panelization

These guidelines give the assembly team a standardized, no-nonsense method to produce a reliable panelization solution. By eliminating panelization guesswork, you ensure successful assembly even for complex projects.

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Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board Applications for Greater Reliability

Reduce Your Assembly Time by 50% 

Consider using rigid flex circuits for your next project and achieve enhanced prototype performance and reliability. These two-in-one compositions combine the best features of rigid boards and flex circuits to allow better quality control and higher component density. Present in most electronics today, rigid flex variants have seen explosive growth in recent years. The versatility of these combination PCBs supports simple and complex applications for medical devices, aerospace, military equipment, and more.

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Reduce Errors During PCB Manufacturing

How To Minimize the Risk of Error During PCB Manufacture

Manufacturing errors are a rarity at Power Design Services. Our considerable experience in the industry, combined with our team of highly trained engineers, ensures reliable results for even the most complex printed circuit board plans. However, our high standards are accompanied by high expectations further along the production lifeline, and this can lead to errors being made when these expectations aren’t properly communicated.

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Printed Circuit Board Documentation

A Guide to Successful Printed Circuit Board Documentation

At Power Design Services, we excel at creating prototype printed circuit boards that use our clients’ innovative technologies. The process of taking a design from schematic to actual working prototype is a complex one, however, and proper documentation is the best way to simplify it.

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Flex Cable Design Best Practices Part 2

Tips to Minimize Avoidable Errors and Premature Circuit Failure 

Following best practices for flex cable design will help you avoid costly errors.  By balancing mechanical and electrical requirements at the circuit design stage, we help our manufacturing partners achieve optimal performance. From medical devices to aerospace applications, telecommunications, industrial engineering equipment, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, our turnkey solutions lower your time and cost of production.

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