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Flex Circuit Manufacturing

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Flexible Circuit Design, Manufacturing, & Assembly

Turn-Key Solutions For Single-Sided/Double-Sided Flexible Circuits

Using the latest flexible circuit equipment and strict quality-control rules, Power Design Services’ printed flex circuit capabilities can offer any business fast turnarounds on medium-volume orders. A leader in the printed flex circuit/rigid-flex circuits industry, Power Design Services has designed, fabricated, and assembled printed circuit boards for some of the biggest high-tech companies in the world. Power Design Services offers two types of printed flex circuit options: single-sided flexible circuits and double-sided flexible circuits.

Single-Sided Flexible Circuits

Single-sided flexible circuits are ideal for a number of situations, including unusual folding, forming, or dynamic applications. Consisting of a single copper-conductor layer on a flexible dielectric film, single-sided flexible circuits provide a unique type of printed circuit board for installation or service flexing. Single-sided flexible circuits can be fabricated with or without cover layers. The figure below breaks down the material makeup of single-sided printed flex circuit:

single flex pcb circuit 2 single flex pcb assemblySingle-Sided printed flex circuit features include:

      • Ultra-thin construction under .004″-.008″ (.10mm-.20mm)
      • 1 Conductor Layer
      • Reverse bared or back bared pads
      • Supported and unsupported finger areas

Double-Sided Flexible Circuits

Double-sided printed flex circuits gives designers another level of capability for more complex applications. When an application calls for high-density design and layout, double-sided printed flex circuits ensure a compact, efficient design ideal for such uses as ground and power plane applications. Double-sided flexible circuits can also be commonly found in shielding applications or on a dense surface-mount assembly. The figure below breaks down the material makeup of double-sided flexible circuits:

Double-Sided Flexible Circuits

Double-Sided Flex Circuit Features:

  • Component assembly available on both sides.
  • Two conductive layers.
  • Fingers are an integral part of the conductor patterns. (call PDS for details or sample)
  • Multi-layer Flex Circuits
  • 3.3 mil Flex Circuits

Power Deign Services capabilities include entire turn-key solutions for flexible circuits, printed circuit boards, and rigid-flex circuits from design to manufacturing to assembly. Learn more about Power Design Services, see who our printed circuit board partners are, or contact us for more information.


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