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PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Prototypes, Assembly and Manufacturing

Complete In-House PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Power Design Services’ manufacturing facility is located in San Jose, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley, Power Design Services offers end-to-end services, from prototype board assembly and design to medium-volume circuit board assembly. Rather consigned or full turnkey solution, Power Design Services can take on your requirements with attention to detail and precise execution.  Locally staffed and operated, Power Design Services features a team of circuit board industry veterans capable of quickly troubleshooting problems and answering questions.

Power Design Manufacturing’s printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing facilities use top-of-the-line equipment including:

  • Feeders: Juki KE-750E Pick ‘n Place, Juki KE-760L Pick ‘n Place with BGA Tray Changer
  • Juki Cube 460
  • Conceptronics Reflow Oven (HVA 102)
  • Aques Batch Cleaner (Model AQ-400)
  • Pace TF3000
  • 3 Arbor presses

Additional printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing equipment include a functional test lab and a Hakko 153 Axial prepping machine. PCB rework and component addition are performed using a BGA air-flow system, 5 rework lab stations, 2 QC/QA stations, and 2 SMT T/H lines.

Silicon Valley’’s Choice For Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Prototypes

Multilayer PCB Assembly ServicesFor engineering firms in San Jose and Northern California needing prototype board layout or circuit board manufacturing, the smart choice is to stay local with Power Design Manufacturing. With a complete in-house staff, Power Design Manufacturing offers turn-key services from initial prototype board layout and design to medium-volume manufacturing. Featuring quick turnarounds and short lead time, Power Design Manufacturing help local engineers address PCB issues in real time, either by phone or in person.

For the many engineering companies located in San Jose Bay Area, Silicon Valley’s choice for prototype board and printed circuit board assembly, design, and manufacturing is Power Design Manufacturing. Backed by more than 20 years of printed circuit board experience, Power Design Manufacturing proudly stands as the in-house representative for Power Design Services’ manufacturing requirements.

Take a look at one of our latest projects – a multi layer PCB with more than 2600 parts.

See who trusts Power Design Services for their prototype board and printed circuit board assemblies or get a printed circuit board quote today.


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