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Power Design Services helped Hiku launch its new wireless product. Hiku approached Power Design Services to help build the initial Beta units. The build was a success so Hiku came back to Power Design Services to help build the preproduction volume. With Power Design Services’ quickly turn around time, local manufacturing site, and full turnkey service, it was an easy decision for Hiku to make.

Hiku is a start-up company based in San Jose, CA and was started by ex-Palm employees. Hiku founder Rob Katcher told us the basic use case is simple: if you’re running low on something, hit the single button on the device to scan a barcode and the Hiku will send the data to the company’s backend, where it will be parsed into the details what it is you’ve scanned and then synced to your smartphone. In addition to the barcode scanning, there’s also a microphone whose data is parsed in the cloud. Learn more at www.hiku.us.

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