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Advantages of Electronic Manufacturing in the USA

Made in the USA

High Quality and Lowered Costs 

Contract electronic manufacturing services in the USA are a boon for companies that lack the infrastructure to do it in-house. Your organization too can avoid the investment and reduce production costs significantly. While past years saw many of these projects going offshore because of cheap labor and production costs, more businesses today are realizing the advantages of electronic manufacturing in the USA. Your organization too can avoid the infrastructure investments and reduce production costs significantly.

Here are some key advantages of keeping your electronic manufacturing within the USA:

  • Cost difference is almost negligible: Rising costs of transportation in Asia have considerably reduced the price gap between offshore and local pricing. Our contract manufacturing and assembly services, for instance, are competitively-priced and allow you to optimize production time and cost.
  • Quality assurance: Quality issues, especially in highly-regulated industries such as medical devices, aviation, aerospace, etc. are also forcing manufacturers to think about reshoring in America. Working with Power Design Services, a leading electronic manufacturing company in the USA ensures the highest quality standards.
  • Advanced PCB design engineering capabilities: As a world-class electronic manufacturing provider, we can meet the requirements of highly specialized industries. From semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, to telecommunications and industrial equipment, our local company serves a range of industries.
  • Quick turnaround: Overseas manufacturing facilities can tend to suffer from slow delivery times and complicate the production process. Our strategic location near San Jose Mineta International Airport enables us to receive parts and components fast as well as speed up our delivery time. Whether you need electronic prototype assembly, quick-turn or mid-sized build quantities, we will meet your deadlines. In fact, special orders can be delivered within 24 hours. Our Silicon Valley customers have the extra benefit of local pickup and delivery.
  • Turnkey, full-service solutions: We have the unique capabilities to manage your entire project in-house, right from PCB design layout review to warehousing, shipping and inventory management. We are proud of the fact that our turnkey PCB assembly solutions have led to several highly sophisticated and breakthrough products being made in America.
  • Generating employment: Offshoring in past years resulted in many facilities being shut down and consequently, job losses. Everything else being equal (if not better), many manufacturers are realizing the intrinsic value of supporting local electronic manufacturing services in the USA.

Quality electronic manufacturing from Power Design Services brings substantial long-term savings for your company. Ask our experts for a custom solution to streamline your production time and cost.

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