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Green Circuits and Power Design Services Combine Creating an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Industry Powerhouse

San Jose, CA – May 22, 2018 – In order to continue to meet the ever-expanding requirements of the manufacturing industry, Power Design Services (PDS) and Green Circuits announced today that they have entered into a merger agreement effective May 21, 2018.

With a focus on speed and service, Power Design Services provides full-turnkey printed circuit board (PCB) design, prototype and production services. Built on a commitment to quality, Green Circuits is a full-service contract manufacturer focusing on prototyping and high mix, medium volume assembly.

“This partnership presents an opportunity to extend the missions of both organizations to provide high-quality design, prototyping and full-scale production services to our customers,” stated Ted Park, President, Green Circuits. “With many of our customers on aggressive development schedules, having all these capabilities within one organization reduces time to market, enabling a faster production ramp and reducing overall costs for our customers.”

“Constantly striving for perfection and working toward aligned goals with like-minded individuals, complimentary skills and a customer-first attitude, this partnership will provide customers with the assurance that their projects will be completed to their specific design requirements, on-time and on-budget,” stated Joe O’Neil, President, Power Design Services. “Combining these two strong organizations, both committed to service, speed, quality and customer service, I am excited about the path that we are on and for what the future holds for both our customers and employees.”  

About Green Circuits

Green Circuits is a full-service contract manufacturer for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry with a focus on prototyping and high mix, medium volume assembly. Founded in 2006, the company provides high speed, precision assembly of all types of printed circuit boards and specializes in quick turn manufacturing services where reduced time-to-market is essential to the latest technologies to meet the demands of both lead free and leaded manufacturing. Green’s objective is to provide solutions through all phases of product assembly. Prototyping leads to production, which leads to end product box-build. Green Circuits’ goal is to support the transition between these stages and offer the services required in doing so.  Green Circuit’s processes and systems are registered to AS9100 and ISO13485 quality standards.

About Power Design Services

Power Design Services (PDS) was created in the interest of conveniently facilitating customer needs through partnership. PDS believes that only through thorough communication and diligent follow through can we expect return business. PDS specializes in prototype and pre-production build quantities with emphasis on quality and on-time delivery. PDS founders started in the printed circuit board industry in the early 80’s, and in 2003, with their experienced background, opened PDS. Knowing it would be a challenge in an over saturated industry; they knew that PDS could offer services and quality not been seen before within the industry. Today Fortune 500 companies such as Toshiba, Intel and LAM Research rely on PDS for their prototype and small production requirements.

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Common PCB Failure Modes and How We Avoid Them

Power Design Services’ process for designing and fabricating high-level printed circuit boards avoids common PCB failure modes that often occur in the electronics industry.

Shortcomings during the initial manufacturing process lead to many printed circuit board failures. The electronic product may also fail in later stages of development.

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Quick Turn PCB Prototype Expertise

We Have the Quick Turn PCB Prototype Expertise You Need

Your company needs Power Design Services’ expertise in quick-turn PCB prototypes to launch your fledgling electronic product.

Our approach to printed circuit board prototype manufacturing is team-based. The founders of Power Design Services started the company to provide a vitally needed service – quality PCB assembly at reasonable prices, ready when our clients need it.

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Rigid Flex PCB Basic Layout Guidelines

rigid flex pcb assembly

Follow Our Rigid-Flex PCB Basic Layout Guidelines for Success

Power Design Services produces durable rigid-flex PCBs that meet today’s challenge of flawless performance in applications for all types of industries.

A hybrid of the best attributes of rigid and flex circuits, rigid-flex circuits and printed circuit boards perform at a higher level than conventional rigid circuits while taking up less space. Businesses in the aerospace, medical, automotive, military, and consumer electronics sectors increasingly use the versatile rigid-flex PCB.

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The Dark Side of PCB Assembly – Counterfeit Parts

PCB Assembly with Counterfeit Parts

Counterfeiting is a high-profile problem in many industries, from retail fashion to luxury goods and even the pharmaceutical sector.

But few people realize just how big a problem counterfeiting is for manufacturers that rely on parts suppliers to deliver components and integrated circuits. The global electronics components supply industry does not have powerful checks or balances in place for preventing counterfeit components from reaching manufacturers.

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PCB Assembly with Obsolete Parts and Hard-to-Find Components

PCB Assembly with Obsolete Components

How important is an efficient supply chain for electronics manufacturing?

Many companies take their supply chain for granted until they need an obsolete part or a hard-to-find component. Then the importance of having resourceful contract manufacturing partners becomes an incredibly valuable asset.

Almost every contract manufacturer will eventually run into parts availability issues. The method by which contract manufacturers resolve these needs show their professionalism and commitment to generating value for their clients.

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Five Requirements for Full Electronic Development Partners

flexible printed circuit boards

To create an innovative electronic product that excites consumers, your business needs the help of other companies in various associated industries.

Selecting those development allies can be arduous. A single misstep can delay or even derail the best-laid plans for transforming an original idea into a market-ready product.

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Making a Rigid Industry More Flexible

Why would printed circuit board (PCB) engineers turn a rigid board into a flex circuit?

Up until a decade ago, they wouldn’t.

Even if product schematics called for a flexible PCB design, engineers of yesteryear would usually just connect two or three small rigid boards with cables and approximate the shape of the flex circuit desired.

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What Makes Flex Circuit Assembly Different?

4 layer flex circuit

Every product with an on/off switch has some kind of circuit board inside of it.

For the most part, manufacturers and consumers are used to seeing circuit boards in their traditional format – flat, rectangular boards inserted into flat, rectangular products like televisions and laptop computers.

But new ergonomic product designs and the proliferation of wearable tech are changing the game for manufacturers.

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Building Custom Cables to Meet Your Applications

custom cable assemblies

Building custom cables to meet the application needs of a client is common practice at Power Design Services.

Our ability to customize cable assemblies is great news for many of our clients who are new to product development. Seeking to avoid taking on an “electrical engineering” project themselves, they are often initially dismayed to learn that other companies that manufacture large amounts of cable are unable or unwilling to handle their small-scale specifications.

However, Power Design Services specializes in orders for printed circuit board prototypes and small to medium sized

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