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Sometimes Hand Assembly of PCBs Makes Sense

Power Design Services and other reputable PCB contractors fabricate the great majority of printed circuit boards through automated processes. The efficiency of automation has lowered overall costs, cut production time and results in PCBs of consistently high quality.

However, even in these days of automated production, there are still instances when hand assembly of PCBs makes sense.

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When to Outsource Reworking Integrated Circuits on a PCB

The days when beginner-level soldering was suitable for reworking integrated circuits (ICs) on a PCB are long gone. Reworking modern PCBs often requires expert attention and surgical precision.

Additionally, ball grid arrays, quad flat no-leads packages, and other common technologies typically require specialized equipment that manufacturers simply don’t have at hand.

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New Product Introductions and Prototypes from a Company Built for Speed

The success of new product introduction (NPI) and prototypes in the electronics industry boils down to two major factors:

  1. Skillful development, and
  2. Minimizing the time from initial concept to market arrival

Power Design Services opened its doors in 2003 with the revolutionary idea of providing a quick and effective process for NPIs and prototype creation. Our founders were optimistic Silicon Valley veterans who believed that they could build a company to fill this valuable niche in a hyper-competitive industry.

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SMT Line or Manual PCB Assembly? When Hand Assembly Makes Sense

PCB experts usually agree that automated processes reduce errors during assembly. Modern surface mount technology allows SMT line machines to produce better results more consistently for the broad majority of PCB components.

However, there are times when assembling a PCB by hand makes sense. In particular, when building prototype circuit boards in low quantities, the right combination of factors may make manual PCB assembly the preferred option.

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Successful Box Build Projects Begin with Expert Planning

Box builds are quite different from straightforward printed circuit board manufacturing.

The process of a box build often begins with inserting a PCB into a specially constructed enclosure. The next step – connecting the framed, printed circuit board to a sub-assembly – can be simple, or involve linking to complex electro-mechanical assemblies that border on machines.

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Advanced PCB Assembly Services That Keep Pace with Technology

PCB Assembly Turnarounds

Let’s say your business wishes to move forward with a bold new electronic application. Your first step toward production is finding a contractor who offers PCB assembly services advanced enough to handle your innovative concept.

As today’s electronic applications become more complex, the challenges of producing quality printed circuit board prototypes grow.

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PCB Engineering Prototype Development That Assures Success

At Power Design Services, the management of PCB prototype development timelines and costs starts with our engineers.

Their comprehensive knowledge of the process of producing quality printed circuit boards is the foundation of Power Design Services’ reputation for outstanding customer service.

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Why Design PCB Assemblies with Testing in Mind?

Can you put a product that hasn’t been fully tested on the market?

When it comes to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly and manufacturing, most firms’ answer is neither a strict yes or no.

This is because different PCB assembly companies have different policies concerning testing goals, methods, and costs.

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PCB Assembly – Doing Business Online and Out-of-State

PCB Assembly Turnarounds

It goes without saying that Silicon Valley is a worldwide hotspot for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly and production, but how can out-of-state manufacturers achieve results as quickly and reliably as California’s West Coast tech companies?

As early as a few years ago, long shipping and testing times forced manufacturers to rely on local suppliers, but this is no longer the case. The best PCB assembly companies can produce and ship circuit boards within 24 hours and then send them out using overnight shipping, putting valuable services in the hands of manufacturing concerns around the country.

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