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Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board Applications for Greater Reliability

Reduce Your Assembly Time by 50% 

Consider using rigid flex circuits for your next project and achieve enhanced prototype performance and reliability. These two-in-one compositions combine the best features of rigid boards and flex circuits to allow better quality control and higher component density. Present in most electronics today, rigid flex variants have seen explosive growth in recent years. The versatility of these combination PCBs supports simple and complex applications for medical devices, aerospace, military equipment, and more.

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Reduce Errors During PCB Manufacturing

How To Minimize the Risk of Error During PCB Manufacture

Manufacturing errors are a rarity at Power Design Services. Our considerable experience in the industry, combined with our team of highly trained engineers, ensures reliable results for even the most complex printed circuit board plans. However, our high standards are accompanied by high expectations further along the production lifeline, and this can lead to errors being made when these expectations aren’t properly communicated.

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Printed Circuit Board Documentation

A Guide to Successful Printed Circuit Board Documentation

At Power Design Services, we excel at creating prototype printed circuit boards that use our clients’ innovative technologies. The process of taking a design from schematic to actual working prototype is a complex one, however, and proper documentation is the best way to simplify it.

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Flex Cable Design Best Practices Part 2

Tips to Minimize Avoidable Errors and Premature Circuit Failure 

Following best practices for flex cable design will help you avoid costly errors.  By balancing mechanical and electrical requirements at the circuit design stage, we help our manufacturing partners achieve optimal performance. From medical devices to aerospace applications, telecommunications, industrial engineering equipment, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, our turnkey solutions lower your time and cost of production.

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Full Electronic Enclosure Assembly Considerations

Tips to Design Waterproof Enclosures for Your High Performance Products

Waterproof electronic enclosures are a gold standard in virtually every industry. From smartphones and wearables to underwater cameras—customers are extremely concerned about the waterproof rating as it affects both performance and durability. Having assembled circuit boards for a wide range of applications, we highly recommend getting your enclosure design right the first time. This will avoid the risk of ruining an expensive prototype and delaying your product launch.

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Juki Cube 460–Selective Solder

Power Design Services just invested in a new Juki Cube 460 Selective Solder System.  The Cube 460 is Juki’s new, low cost selective soldering system. The Cube 460 offer a quick set up and eliminate expensive fixturing costs for through-hole application.  Tuan Tran, Vice of Sales & Marketing, commented “We (PDS) will always continue to invest in new equipment and technology to make us better.  We understand that technology increases rapidly, especially in the Silicon Valley, and PDS needs to continue to invest so we can keep up.”

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Six Reasons to Invest in Product Prototypes Early and Often

Few things are more exciting to manufacturers than new product ideas. New designs, engineering challenges and the ability to deliver a new user experience are all rewarding hallmarks of innovation. However, the road that separates conceptualization and commercialization is riddled with tight turns and obstacles. Fast, efficient prototyping is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the journey.

Instead of being considered just one of many steps towards realizing a particular market goal, consider prototyping a unique asset that provides benefits no other part of the innovation process can. Companies that develop prototypes

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Power Design Services Receives New ISO Certification

PDS just received its new ISO certification 9001:2015.  During the 2 day audit, PDS only received 1 minor discrepancy.  Robert Valles, Quality Manager, states “I feel it is very important that we keep our quality standard at the highest level.  Having a good quality standard means PDS has the proper procedure and process in place in order to deliver our customers a quality product.  As PDS continues to grow, we realize that keeping up our quality is the key to our success.”

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Successfully Taking PCB Prototypes to Market

Flex Board Assembly

Taking PCB Prototypes to Market: What to Watch Out For

In the tech field, success is built on the pillars of innovation. Whether designing industrial machinery or retail electronics, the need to improve remains a constant. For most manufacturers, this means that the R&D department needs to make new prototypes regularly, finding new ways to meet customer needs.

However, it should come as no surprise that the majority of prototypes never make it to market. What happens to these ideas, and why do they get culled so early?

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