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Flex Cable Design Best Practices – Part 1

Tips for Cost-Effective Development and Enhanced Product Performance 

Flex cable design best practices will help you achieve higher reliability, lower BOM and assembly costs, and enhanced product life. Successful products are the result of effectively managing trade-offs in the design and planning stages. Our industry-leading approach supports your engineering and manufacturing efforts for the best <!-products and manufacturability. From medical device manufacturing and the aerospace industry to telecommunications,

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Rocky Mountain Tech Expo 2017

Denver Area Proves to Be Great Opportunity for PDS

Power Design Services displayed at the Rocky Mountain Expo and Tech Forum on January 19, 2017.  The show took place in Mile High Stadium which is the home of the Denver Broncos.  It was a local trade show attended mostly by vendors, manufacturers, engineers, and buyers from the Denver, Colorado region.  There was a steady stream of attendees throughout the day looking to learn more about the contract manufacturing industry.  There were exhibitors from equipment manufacturers to EMS contract manufacturers

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Express PCB Assembly Services – It’s What We Do

Beat the Competition with Our 24-Hour Expedited Service   

Our express PCB assembly services help accelerate your production schedule and reach your customers faster. While developing an idea into a marketable product has its own share of challenges, partnering with an established contract manufacturer can help avoid critical time and quality issues. Power Design’s world-class quick turn services have been instrumental in spearheading many successful product launches. As prototyping specialists with state-of-the-art equipment and a veteran engineering team, our customers enjoy a distinct edge over the competition by partnering with us.

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BioMed 2017 Trade Show

PDS Exhibits at BioMed 2017 Trade Show

biomed-2017-trade-show-san-jose-exhibitPower Design Services was an exhibitor at BioMed 2017 in San Jose. It was a 2 day show in the heart of Silicon Valley and it featured the latest in BioMed technology. There were many vendors, engineers, buyers, and exhibitors from the industry gathering for this annual tradeshow. John Graham (PDS Account Manager), stated “It was great for Power Design Services to be an exhibitor at this show. It gives us great exposure to engineers and buyers in the BioMed industry that otherwise would not have known about PDS. I got a chance to meet some existing customers and some new potential customers.” With the success at BioMed, Power Design Services looks forward to being an exhibitor at more tradeshows in 2017. Tuan Tran, VP of Sales, comments, “Power Design Services has so much to offer to our customers in terms of

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5 Factors to Assess Feasibility in the Prototype Stage

The Right PCB Assembly Company Can Save You Time and Money

Flex Board AssemblyA prototype feasibility study is the single most important stage of your product development process. Electronic or electromechanical prototypes are extremely useful in assessing end-product viability before extensive resources are applied. Doing a detailed feasibility analysis can shave months from your total development time and reduce production costs significantly. The PCB assembly experts at Power Design Services point out the 5 factors essential to assess feasibility in the prototype stage.

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Wearable Fitness Device Trends and Prototypes

Accurate Prototypes to Match Wearable Fitness Device Trends

Reduce Manufacturing Time and Cost with Rapid Prototyping

GPS deviceIf you are a manufacturer of wearable devices in the process of developing a prototype, it is time to ramp up production and reach the market before your competitors. Speed to market and cost-efficiencies will help you benefit from the growing wearable fitness device trends.

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PDS at Silicon Valley BioMedtech

Power Design Services Will Be Attending Silicon Valley’s Premier Event for Medtech Professionals – Stop By December 7th and 8th

pdslogowhiteWhether it’s mHealth or the Internet of Things (IoT), BIOMEDevice San Jose showcases emerging trends and innovations that will set the tone for the biomed industry in 2017 and beyond. The conference offers training on digital device trends and exploring effective ways to overcome barriers to market entry, all in a two-day Connected

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Innovative Flex and Rigid Flex Circuits Start with Experience

Choose a PCB Assembly Company with a Proven Track Record 

Innovative Flex and Rigid Flex CircuitsFrom automobiles and phones to sophisticated military and avionics system and robots, flex circuits are integral to almost every product that we use. The demand for more compact, high performance products and a competitive market has brought flex circuit technology into sharp focus. Product quality, viability, performance and cost all depend on your flex circuit design.

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