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Points to Consider in Flex Circuit Design and Applications

Flex Circuit Design and Applications

Flex Circuit Designs and Applications: Increase Productivity and Decrease Costs

In the areas of flex circuit designs and flex circuit applications, it’s important that you receive an expert review of your design before you go to production. This greatly reduces your risk of errors and rework.

The use of flex circuits has increased as industry experts have recognized their three-dimensional configurations, greater vibration resistance, and manufacturing flexibility.

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Advantages of Electronic Manufacturing in the USA

Made in the USA

High Quality and Lowered Costs 

Contract electronic manufacturing services in the USA are a boon for companies that lack the infrastructure to do it in-house. Your organization too can avoid the investment and reduce production costs significantly. While past years saw many of these projects going offshore because of cheap labor and production costs, more businesses today are realizing the advantages of electronic manufacturing in the USA. Your organization too can avoid the infrastructure investments and reduce production costs significantly.

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How to Compare Contract Manufacturing Services

Electronic contract manufacturing services

Are You Looking for Contract Manufacturing Companies in Silicon Valley?

Price shouldn’t be the only consideration when you’re looking for contract manufacturing companies in Silicon Valley.

Experience has taught us that going with the cheapest option can cost you more money if the work is not up to standard.

The overseas option for manufacturing services is not always the best one.

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PCB Prototypes—Work Out Your Bugs Early

Do You Really Need to Make PCB Prototypes?

PCB prototypes are essential tools to help you save on costs and resources. Taking the time to test your product design, circuits, and applications with a prototype means you can iron out any kinks before investing in volume orders.

Often manufacturers use prototypes for tradeshows and pre-market testing. What’s the point in developing a product that nobody wants?

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Save Money with Turnkey PCB Solutions

ITAR Certification

Our Turnkey PCB Company Will Save You Money

At Power Design Services, we’ll help your business cut back production costs and overhead expenses. We’re the turnkey PCB company that has the experience and knowledge to make your life a bit easier.

As a manufacturer, increasing your customer prices may be inevitable due to the rising labor wages, inventory, and the high cost of acquiring and maintaining equipment.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that loyal customers will start to look for cheaper alternatives.

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Design Products with Flex Circuits in Mind

Flex Circuit Manufacturing: Designing Superior Flex Circuits Increases Your Productivity

Modern flex circuit manufacturing ensures increased production time and greatly reduces the risk of expensive rework.  Products designed with flex circuits are especially beneficial for industries such as aerospace, military, and medical devices.  In designing flex circuits, the manufacturer’s focus is on providing greater reliability and performance while reducing production costs at the same time.

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New Product Development and Pre-Production PCB Solutions

Pre-production Solutions and New Product Development

At Power Design Services, we work closely with our clients regarding pre-production projects and new product development. We specialize in partnering with clients to develop and test their prototypes in a cost-efficient and timely process.

Over the years, our pre-production and new product development projects have included such groundbreaking innovations as Freedom Innovation’s bionic knee and NASA’s micro satellite TechEDSat-X.

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Made in America – PCB Design, Manufacturing and Assembly Solutions

Cheap PCB design and assembly services offshore had resulted in a seemingly endless number of projects shipped for completion outside the country. Power Design Services took up the ‘Made-in-America’ challenge to change that. We turned to specialization and enhanced engineering with automated assembly using the talent that helped build Silicon Valley. Today our PCB manufacturing services support companies from Boston to Austin, Portland, Seattle and Raleigh proving that it is possible to be competitive while developing and manufacturing products right here in the USA.

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Finding the Right PCB Manufacturing Services Company

5 Essential Factors You Need to Look for When Choosing a PCB Manufacturing Services Company

Choosing a PCB manufacturing services company for your project can be pretty challenging, but there are ways to narrow down your options.

When choosing a company to work with, you need to know details about their customer service record, their production capabilities and their quality standards.

Are you sure the company you’re looking at will keep up to your specifications within the stated deadline?

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