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Flex Circuit Assemblies Services in AustinPower Design Services offers full service PCB flex circuit assemblies, including design, manufacturing and prototype services. With the latest flexible circuit capable equipment and strict quality control, we’ve emerged as a leader among the printed flex circuit assembly service providers in the U.S. We have designed, fabricated and assembled printed circuit boards for some of the biggest names in high-tech around the world.

At Power Design Services, we offer single-sided flexible circuits and double sided flex circuit assemblies and multi-layer flex circuits too.

Single-sided PCB Flex Circuit Assemblies

Single-sided flexible circuits are ideal for a number of situations, including unusual folding, forming, and even more dynamic applications. Consisting of a single copper-conductor layer on a flexible dielectric film, single-sided flexible circuit assemblies provide a unique type of printed circuit board. These circuits can be fabricated with or without cover layers.

Single-Sided printed flex circuit features include:

  • Ultra-thin construction under .004″-.008″ (.10mm-.20mm)
  • A single conductor layer
  • Reverse bared or back bared pads
  • Supported and unsupported finger areas

Double-sided PCB Flex Circuit Assemblies

Double-sided printed flex circuit assemblies allow designers to develop more complex applications. When an application calls for high-density design and layout, a double-sided printed flex circuit assembly ensures a compact, efficient design suitable for a variety of uses.

Double-Sided printed PCB flex circuit assemblies include:

  • Component assembly on both sides with two conductive layers
  • Finger areas per the design and/or integral to the conductor pattern
  • Multi-layer Flex Circuits
  • 3.3 mil Flex Circuits

From our San Jose, CA facility in Silicon Valley, we serve customers around the nation including in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Round Rock, Houston, and Killeen.

Contact Power Design Services at 408-437-1931, or request a quote for flex circuit assemblies online. You can also get in touch with our team by sending an email to info@PowerDesignServices.com.


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