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PCB Manufacturing Companies in AustinPower Design Services is among the few PCB manufacturing companies serving customers in the Austin area who can provide all of your printed circuit board prototype and manufacturing needs. Our facility is among the most modern of all PCB manufacturing companies in the U.S. or abroad.

If you are encountering issues with your current PCB manufacturing company, our team of engineers can help you resolve them and get your project back on track. We offer full-service PCB assembly to our customers in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Round Rock, Houston, and Killeen. Take advantage of one-stop convenience and a single point of support for your printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing needs.

Among PCB Manufacturing Companies in Austin—PDS Stands Out

Power Design services is a California-based PCB manufacturing company, ITAR and ISO 9001:2000 standard certified. Our team works closely with our customers throughout the production process. Every printed circuit board undergoes rigorous testing and re-testing according to the highest mechanical and engineering standards before it is shipped to you.

Unlike many other PCB manufacturing companies, our team of engineers is experienced in a wide range of printed circuit board manufacturing processes. We can help you with any design, prototype, assembly, and fabrication needs. Many smaller companies rely on our PCB services as part of their own product development process.

State-of-the-art PCB Production Facilities

Our facility is conveniently located near the San Jose International Airport – a fact that enables us to deliver PCBs quickly to customers across the U.S. and around the world.

We have outfitted our manufacturing facility with the most modern PCB equipment such as the Juki KE 750 L chip shooter, BGA X-ray inspection system, and one- and two-ton Arbor presses in 8,000 square feet of ESD-controlled space. Not many PCB manufacturing companies can claim to offer this level of PCB technology and production efficiency.

Contact Power Design Services at 408-437-1931, or request a quote online. You can also get in touch with our PCB manufacturing company by sending an email to info@PowerDesignServices.com.


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