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Prototype Flex Circuit Assembly from Power Design Services

Prototype Flex Circuit AssemblyServing Austin and all of Texas with Fast Turns standard!

When you need high-quality prototype flex circuit assembly services, you want it fast and you want it done right. We understand that in the early stages of a product design, engineers typically need very quick turnaround to verify prototypes. Quick turns are required to make the right decision—step back and redesign or move forward.

Quick-Turn, Full Kitting Services

Efficient prototype flex circuit assembly requires the use of proven processes very early in the design stage. Our quick-turn prototype manufacturing process utilizes standard manufacturing processes. An ISO-9000 certified company, Power Design Services makes it right for you the first time, and deliver on-time.

The team of engineers at Power Design Services offers smart solutions for prototype flex circuit assembly. We are the leading service provider for companies in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Round Rock, Houston, and Killeen areas. Our company has designed, fabricated and assembled printed circuit boards for some of the biggest names in high-tech around the world.

Your Prototype Flex Circuit Assembly Team

At Power Design Services, we understand the critical needs involved when you need to  prototype a flex circuit assembly under high pressure, time-sensitive circumstances.

Our process allows for a finished product in as little as 24 hours and our team supports you with:

  • Single-sided and double-sided prototype flex circuit assembly
  • Automated or manual processing as needed
  • High responsiveness and flexibility
  • Receptive to changes – even at the last minute
  • Strong attention to detail throughout the entire process
  • Strict quality control and guaranteed on-time delivery

In short, our engineers are 100% receptive to the wide range of shifting requirements of your prototype flex circuit assembly.

Contact Power Design Services at 408-437-1931, or request a quote for prototype flex circuit assembly today. You can also get in touch with our team by sending an email to info@PowerDesignServices.com.


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