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BGA Replacement & Rework

BGA Replacement and Rework by the Silicon Valley Pros

BGA assembly 250With the growing use of ball grid array packages comes an increase in the need for BGA replacement and rework.

Printed circuit board repairs don’t have to delay your product development process. Power Design Services’
signature service is quick turnarounds. Our team of technicians handles BGA replacement and rework skillfully and quickly in order to keep your project on a fast track and ensure your BGA-based printed circuit board works flawlessly.

When BGA Replacement and Rework is Necessary

Ball grid assembly has become popular because it offers many benefits over more conventional surface-mount technology packages. In general, BGA’s greater area for pin connections allows for soldering that is more precise, provides more efficient use of board space, and produces an integrated circuit that performs at a higher level.

The thin package is also ideal for smart phone technology.

However, BGA replacement and rework is often required for several reasons:

  • The initial design proves to be flawed.
  • The original BGA or pad is damaged.
  • Material defects occur in the package.
  • Solder joints are poorly completed.

A Tested BGA Replacement and Rework Process

With an experienced team of technicians and advanced technology, Power Design Services has developed a BGA replacement and rework process that achieves reliably consistent results. Our services include:

  • Precision removal of the component. Proper heating techniques are key to separating the BGA from the printed circuit board cleanly, without damaging either.
  • Meticulous solder removal and preparation. We remove all traces of solder residue and use the method of cleaning appropriate to the type of PCB being reworked.
  • BGA replacement. Under tightly controlled temperature conditions, we replace the ball grid assembly. Our technicians use exact pressure to make certain the components are aligned properly, solder overflow is minimized, and circuit board connections are accurate.

Every Power Design Services BGA replacement and rework project undergoes a meticulous post-placement inspection. We use X-rays to scrutinize complex circuits from all angles to make certain we have made the repairs correctly and that the circuit board functions according to revised specifications.

Contact Us for Skilled BGA Replacement and Rework

Our crew of technicians – trained and overseen by Power Design Services’ knowledgable printed circuit board experts – is the reason every BGA replacement and rework project we undertake is performed to the highest standards in the industry.

Our work process is ISO 9000 and ITAR-certified. We’ve collaborated with NASA to build nano-satellites and with Freedom Innovations to create a bionic knee. Power Design Services is known for outstanding customer service and a dedication to helping clients, large and small, achieve their goals in developing quality electronic products for the 21s century.

For BGA replacement and rework done by Silicon Valley professionals, contact Power Design Services today. For a quote, call 408-478-9529 or send us an online request.


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