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How to Compare Contract Manufacturing Services

Electronic contract manufacturing services

Are You Looking for Contract Manufacturing Companies in Silicon Valley?

Price shouldn’t be the only consideration when you’re looking for contract manufacturing companies in Silicon Valley.

Experience has taught us that going with the cheapest option can cost you more money if the work is not up to standard.

The overseas option for manufacturing services is not always the best one.

5 Tips for Engaging Contract Manufacturing Services in Silicon Valley

  1. PCB design, assembly, and testing expertise: Is the manufacturer’s work completed to a high standard on their previous projects? If your project is in the medical, military, or aerospace fields, it needs to be of a particularly high standard and Power Design Services has a proven record in consistently producing excellent work. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in complex mechanical and electromechanical builds, intricate and high voltage assemblies, and control panels. We’re also very familiar with semiconductor testing, telecommunications, and manufacturing industrial and other equipment.
  2. Engineering resources: Take a good look at their manufacturing premises. Do they look as if they’re able to handle the volume and specifications of your project? You need to know they can deliver what they’ve promised. At Power Design Services, we operate from an, 8000-square foot, ESD-controlled plant near San Jose Mineta International Airport. It’s equipped with the latest PCB assembly and testing equipment and we easily handle small and large volume orders.
  3. Full Solutions: Can the company manage your whole project from layout review to final assembly? Not all contract manufacturing companies in Silicon Valley have that capability and splitting part of the project into different locations and manufacturers is a costly and high-risk way to conduct your business.
  4. Response time: How quickly did the companies you contacted respond to your initial request? This is usually a good indicator of how well they’re able to meet deadlines. Their response time, and the tone of that response, will tell you how amenable they are to open communication between each party. At Power Design Services, we respond quickly to each request and deliver special orders within 24 hours.
  5. Certifications: Another factor to consider is the manufacturer’s qualifications to complete your project. Certifications are more than just pieces of paper. They are assurances that your company consistently produces a high standard of work. Power Design services carry ITAR and ISO-9000 Certifications.

How to Hire One of the Best Contract Manufacturing Companies in Silicon Valley

Don’t waste valuable time and money by looking at overseas contract manufacturers. At Power Design Services, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, high quality, project management services.

You can request a quote for our contract manufacturing solutions and services through our website or call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today.



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