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Electronic Assembly Rework

Stay On Schedule By Outsourcing Your Electronic Assembly Rework

Power Design Services Performs PCB Rework to the Highest Standards in the Industry

Electronic assembly rework is a fact of life in the printed circuit board industry.

Samples of Our Electronic Assembly Work
Flex Assembly
Flex PCB Boards
Mirrored QFN Reword
Mirrored QFN Rework
BGA Assembly and Rework
BGA Assembly and Rework

In spite of the fact that increasingly complex designs have made electronic assembly rework more difficult and time-consuming, you can keep your product development on schedule by outsourcing your pcb rework to Power Design Services.
We’re a Silicon Valley-based provider of printed circuit board and flex circuit services that can help your company control costs while maintaining high levels of quality.
PDS, with an eye toward preserving your profit margin while making sure your product gets to market in a timely fashion, has a team of specialists dedicated to performing electronic assembly rework as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Whether your product needs reworking to restore functionality or to improve or update performance, Power Design Services once again demonstrates it is the industrial partner you can count on.
Just as we test and re-test to be certain our limited-run and prototype printed circuit board orders consistently reach our high production standards, no PCB that undergoes repair or rework leaves our facility until it functions properly and reliably.
After reworking, your printed circuit boards will be returned in pristine condition, every time.

Quality Electronic Assembly Rework, and Fast Shipping

Consider these reasons to hire Power Design Services for electronic assembly rework:
  • Our standards. We are certified to exacting ISO 9001:2000 standards and employ a workforce that is highly experienced and committed to customer service.
  • Our growth. PDS’ customer base has steadily expanded in the last four years despite uncertain economic conditions. Our reputation for quality work has allowed us to develop a long list of loyal customers, from corporate giants such as Texas Instruments to small start-up enterprises.
  • Our location. With San Jose Mineta International Airport just minutes from our Silicon Valley headquarters, we are able to quickly ship orders to destinations across Asia as well as North America. For businesses near us in California or the San Jose area, special delivery prices are available.
Call our headquarters today at 408-437-1931 for a quote on electronic assembly rework services. We’ll also respond promptly to an email that includes rework specifications.

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