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Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Company

Full-Service Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Company

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Following lean practices, we help our clients streamline PCB assembly costs. Our cross-vertical experience is beneficial for customers in many industries, including medical devices, aerospace components, telecommunications, industrial and engineering equipment, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment. Innovative companies throughout the US including in New York, Raleigh, Seattle, Austin, Oregon and Boston, rely on our electronic circuit board assembly company to speed up their production time by 50%.

Talk to our team about your next prototype development project or volume run. We can provide a tailored solution for your unique application with a feasibility assessment of your prototypes to save you time and money.

Our Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Company Provides a Range of Services:

Located a few minutes away from San Jose International Airport, we provide fast and efficient nationwide service. Customers in Silicon Valley can take advantage of a special pickup and delivery service.

ISO 9000 and ITAR-Certified Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Company

Since 1988, Power Design Services is known for fast delivery of top quality, affordable circuit boards to major corporations as well as small firms across the country. Using the latest technology, our dedicated team adheres to quality standards set by ITAR and ISO-9000, achieving consistently high customer satisfaction rates. We test and troubleshoot circuit boards in our modern electronic assembly facility to reduce your product development time.

Count on us to meet your simple and complex circuit board assembly requirements with reliability, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Inquire online about services offered by our electronic circuit board assembly company. Call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today.


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