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Electronic Inspection

Electronic Inspection Assures Printed Circuit Board Quality

Full Service Electronics Contractor Including Inspection Services

Electronic inspection services are available included in our own manufacturing services or as individual services for products our client supply to us.  Our highly experienced staff of inspectors and quality control engineers can completely manually inspect cables, electronic assemblies, and printed circuit boards.  High speed electronic inspection services are also available for lead scanning, print integrity and layout orientation.
electronic assembly servicesNo PCB or flex circuit is shipped from out modern Silicon Valley facility before undergoing our own rigorous electronic inspection during and after the production process. We make certain that every PCB and assembly built by Power Design Services functions as designed.
Our methods of electronic inspection include X-ray imaging, the use of software to gauge measurement accuracy, and visual analysis. These steps are an integral part of our manufacturing process, every bit as vital as design, fabrication and assembly.
Therefore we can offer you a separate PCB inspection service to uncover flaws in your prototypes or full manufacturing runs. We’re a full-service contractor that is certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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As electronic products become more complex while getting smaller, uncovering defects becomes more difficult. Power Design Services continues to refine our processes and equipment to keep pace with technological advances, updating our electronic inspection methods and specifications so that we are able to discover imperfections that can affect performance or assembly alignment.
Power Design Services operates a sophisticated Silicon Valley facility located in San Jose that boasts the PCB industry’s most up-to-date equipment and a talented workforce that that is constantly trained in the most current best practices for the industry. 
We’re located near San Jose Mineta International Airport, which is a great advantage when delivering orders that require quick turnaround. Our growing client base includes large companies and startups around the world.
If your business is located in California or the San Jose area, we offer special delivery services.
A PDS engineer can tell you much more about our electronic inspection services. For a quote or more information, call us today at 408-437-1931 or email us with the required specifications. 

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