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Finding the Right PCB Manufacturing Services Company

5 Essential Factors You Need to Look for When Choosing a PCB Manufacturing Services Company

Choosing a PCB manufacturing services company for your project can be pretty challenging, but there are ways to narrow down your options.

When choosing a company to work with, you need to know details about their customer service record, their production capabilities and their quality standards.

Are you sure the company you’re looking at will keep up to your specifications within the stated deadline?

The 5 Top Factors You Need to Review to Choose Your PCB Manufacturing Services Company

Accountability and quality factors aren’t the only things you need to consider. Here are other equally important things you need to help you decide which PCB manufacturing services company to go for:

1.     Range of Expertise

What types of services does the PCB manufacturing services company offer? Check whether the flex and rigid circuits – both single and multilayer – have a turnkey service feature. Make sure they also offer a wide selection of PCB material options.

Find out what you can about their client base. If they have a lengthy client base, they’re more likely to have experienced and knowledgeable staff. You want to know that the company is comfortable working with the telecommunications, aerospace, and medical industries.

2.     Service Capabilities

Check whether the PCB manufacturing services company provides project management from end to end. For example, what are their policies concerning inventory management, warehousing, and shipping? Do they offer PCB prototype assembly? A company that provides these services will help you create streamlined production operations.

3.     Quality Control

Choosing a PCB manufacturing services company that handles an in-house design and assembly process can help enormously with quality control. It also helps speed up delivery times.

Make sure you know how the company tests for quality. Do they have up-to-date machinery and technology? Do their employees consistently produce a high standard of product?

4.     Layout Review

Does your choice of PCB manufacturing services company allow time for you to attend a layout review? You want to nip any problems in the bud before the company starts manufacturing. You don’t want the stress and cost involved with making another prototype because the first one didn’t meet your specifications.

5.     Flexibility and Responsiveness

What happens if you need to change the specifications for your project? Is your PCB manufacturing services company up to that challenge? Are they able to make changes quickly and efficiently, with minimum fuss?

Is Power Design Services the Best PCB Manufacturing Services Company for You?

Maintaining rigorous quality standards, Power Design Services has been certified with ITAR and ISO-9000. Our innovative PCB design and manufacturing tools, combined with our stringent testing, ensure that we provide the most accurate and reliable services.

The team at Power Design Services takes pride in taking your project right from its conception all the way down to its completion. We can even fulfill special orders within a 24-hour period.

Over the years, our PCB manufacturing services company has resolved many of our clients’ time, cost and quality issues.

Conveniently located close to the San Jose Mineta International Airport, we provide pick-up and delivery services in Silicon Valley.

If you have any more questions about how to find the right PCB manufacturing services company call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today.



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