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Flex Circuit Production

Flex Circuit Production from Silicon Valley’s Experienced Team

Power Design Services’ Flex Circuit Production Will Get You the Volume You Need – Fast!

Flex Circuit ProductionFor electronic applications that require circuits to fold, bend or conform to a particular shape, call for the expert flex circuit production capabilities of Power Design Services – 408-437-1931.
PDS is among the Silicon Valley’s most experienced circuit designers and manufacturers of highly-reliable flex circuits, used when traditional rigid printed circuit boards limit the design or function of a product.
Companies around the globe rely on Power Design Services for quality flex circuit production of prototypes or medium-volume orders with quick turnaround requirements. We take your initial concepts and transform them into working single-sided or double-sided prototypes in as little as 24 hours.
PDS keeps the customer involved in every step of flex circuit production. Our team is always available to answer questions and entertain suggestions. Our goal is to provide you with the printed circuit board you want, not what we sell.
High standards of flex circuit production have allowed Power Design Services to become ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Take Advantage of Power Design Service’s Flex Circuit Production

Need reliable flex circuit production? There are many benefits hiring Power Design Services to manufacture your flex circuits for your electronic product:
  • Greater design possibilities. Flex circuits can be integrated into a wide range of product designs. For example, thinner flex circuits make attractive streamlined designs possible. PDS can help with your design and engineering challenges.
  • Durability. Layer protects flex circuits in the harshest conditions, from extreme cold to extreme heat. PDS will guide you towards the right materials and processes for your applications
  • Lighter weight. Flex circuits’ lightweight substrates make them less bulky than rigid PCBs. When size and weight are a concern, we’ll find the right materials for your application.
Power Design Services is located in San Jose, CA and provides flex circuit production services for large and small electronics, medical, development and design companies. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow for fast turnaround, engineering updates, and high quality results.
We also offer fast and convenient flex circuit production to customers outside California. PDS is conveniently located near Norman Mineta San Jose International Airport, so no matter where you are located, we can ship your flex printed circuit board quickly.
Power Design Services wants to be the company you trust for flex circuit production and all your printed circuit board needs. Call a PDS representative today at 408-437-1931 for more information, or email us at info@powerdesignservices.com with questions or comments.

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