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Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Services Gets a Boost in Silicon Valley


New FHE MII to Boost Flexible Electronics Manufacturing in Silicon Valley

Enhanced Workforce and Expanded Range of Services

The flexible electronics manufacturing industry in Silicon Valley is excited about the proposed establishment of a Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) for Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE MII) in San Jose.  The announcement by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) at the end of August was welcomed by manufacturers.

Flex hybrid electronics are finding use in all types of products, from medical devices to consumer electronics, automotive, communications, and beyond. The first of seven FHE MIIs to be set up on the west coast, this initiative also recognizes Silicon Valley’s leadership and contribution to innovative manufacturing techniques.

What Does this Mean for Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Companies in Silicon Valley?

The key benefits of having the FHE MII in San Jose are:

  • Creation of a highly-specialized workforce in the country: Through the flex school concept, FHE MII will reach out to community colleges, teaching and research universities, trade associations, and professional societies to develop and promote a highly-specialized workforce in this area. This will increase the potential and scope of electronic manufacturing services in Silicon Valley, and across the United States as the initiative expands to other areas.
  • Scales up Silicon Valley’s flex electronics manufacturing expertise: The FHE marries two key industries—electronics and high performance printed circuits. This creates a huge opportunity for promoting expertise, growth and the country’s competitiveness in the global market. In a Printed Electronics Now report1, Paul Semenza, director of commercialization for the FHE MII said the goal is to reach manufacturing readiness within four years, educate and train the workforce and seek commercialization opportunities. This will mean a significant scale-up in manufacturing services across Silicon Valley.
  • Recognition of Silicon Valley as a major flexible electronics manufacturing center: In order for the FHE MII to be relevant, it must engage and tie-up with local manufacturers. This is a major boost for Silicon Valley electronics assembly and manufacturing firms such as Power Design Services. Our company will not only have access to a knowledgeable resource pool, but also the opportunity to translate these advanced technologies into products and new business ideas for the market.

Advantages of Working with Flex Electronics Manufacturing Firms in Silicon Valley 

Power Design Services is a world-class electronics design and manufacturing company in Silicon Valley. We have the unique capabilities to meet highly specialized requirements, from semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, to telecommunications, industrial equipment and medical devices.

We offer clients a range of services that include:

Our highly-sophisticated flexible electronic manufacturing assembly solutions have led to several breakthrough products being made here in America. The FHE MII in Silicon Valley offers an opportunity to further expand our expertise and serve our customers even better.

Consult our experts on ways to enhance your productivity and cost-efficiency. Flexible electronics manufacturing solutions from Power Design Services can help strengthen your market position.

Request a quote for flexible electronic manufacturing services in Silicon Valley. Call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today. 

1 Source: http://www.printedelectronicsnow.com/contents/view_online-exclusives/2015-09-30/flextech-alliance-dod-to-set-up-flexible-hybrid-electronics-manufacturing-facility

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