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High Speed PCB Design

High Speed PCB Design by Power Design Services

Serving Local, National and International Clients

high-speed-PCB-designPower Design Services offers high speed PCB design services. Our PCB design veterans combine industry expertise with the latest techniques and equipment to meet your exact specifications in a cost and time- sensitive manner. No matter how complex the task, we have the advanced design and manufacturing capabilities to provide a reliable, high quality solution.

Of main concern in today’s high speed PCB design field are factors such as signal integrity (SI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and power integrity (PI) which help in achieving optimum board/system performance. Our design engineers provide consulting and guidance in these critical areas to help you achieve your goals.

Our PCB design services include:

  • System-Level: Architecture and floor-planning, main boards, daughter boards, backplanes, connectors, cables and grounding. We also take care of enclosure design and shielding as well as installation.
  • Schematic review: High-speed signals, differential signaling, I/O interfaces (digital/analog, telecom and local-area network), magnetics, filters, connectors, power supply filtering and board decoupling/bypassing.
  • PCB design: Stackup selection and layer assignment, partitioning, routing high-speed and other critical nets, termination, noise-coupling mechanisms and prevention, common-mode suppression, I/O and filtering, high-voltage clearances, power-supply, decoupling and bypassing, power and ground planes, grounding.
  • EMC testing and certifications: We review specifications, support testing, obtain certificates, review and troubleshoot new and existing designs.
  • Prototype Manufacturing:  PDS is completely equipped for electronic and electro-mechanical prototype manufacturing.  We’ll bring your designs alive
  • Production, Stocking, Shipping:  We offer turnkey manufacturing services from small runs through large production.

Bring us your high speed PCB design specifications and/or PCB assembly requirements  and we will provide a customized solution to improve your productivity and profits.

Also read our PCB design rule guide to help save on manufacturing costs.

Advanced Software for Quality High-Speed PCB Designs

At Power Design Services, we deliver quality, consistency and value to our local, national and international customers. We follow stringent quality control processes that meet ISO-9000 and ITAR certification requirements for utmost reliability and accuracy.

A large ESD-controlled manufacturing and assembly space (over 8,000 square feet), the latest equipment, and advanced PCB software helps us deliver the high quality results you need.

Our high speed PCB design experts employ advanced software tools including:

  • Cadence Allegro
  • Cadence Specctra (Auto router)
  • Pads Power PCB (Innoveda)
  • Blaze (Auto router)
  • Protel
  • Orcad 

Our turnkey design and manufacturing solutions can help you achieve significant cost savings! 

The high speed PCB design experts at Power Design Services have served the wide ranging needs of local companies as well as national and international firms for more than two decades. We are conveniently located near San Jose Mineta International Airport, making it easy for us to serve our clients’ needs with speed and efficiency.

Contact Power Design Services at 408-437-1931, or request a quote for high speed PCB design today.



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