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How We Produce the Best Circuit Boards – Fast!

Professionally assembling circuit boards used to be slow. Many circuit board manufacturers still take up to two weeks or longer to produce circuit boards according to customer design specifications. we have developed cutting edge processes to shorten that time to three to five days on average.

At Power Design Services, we have developed cutting edge processes to shorten that time to three to five days on average. We excel at quickly delivering reliable, high quality circuit boards to our clients. We invest in the efficiency and speed of our assembly floor and continually improve our processes to deliver better, faster, and more dependable results.

Factory Floor Optimization Generates Product Innovation

We have optimized our 10,000-square-foot manufacturing space for the quick production of world-class printed circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, and rigid-flex circuits. By investing in state-of-the-art technology on every level of the manufacturing and assembly process, we’re able to create prototype circuits for our clients without cutting corners.

This focus – on a fully efficient manufacturing floor – is one of the most important ways to produce value when dealing with a product as omnipresent as the printed circuit board. This is a highly engineered item. Nearly every type of product efficiency that can be integrated into a circuit board technology is already present in the designs we receive from our clients.

In order to increase the efficiency an already highly-engineered product can offer, we needed to look at the manufacturing process and eliminate waste in every stage of the process. That efficiency is the hallmark of the Power Design Services method.

By expediting our assembly processes in this way, we are able to deliver world-class assembly solutions to our clients in a fraction of the time it takes competitors to do the same.

Visit our factory floor to see for yourself – we keep our orders on the move continuously. Every project follows a strict and highly organized schedule, from the moment we begin consulting with a client, to the day the final deliverable arrives. Our team of printed circuit board veterans makes this possible through personal flexibility and a wide-ranging breadth of knowledge in the circuit board industry.

Need a Single-Day Turnaround?

By combining our commitment to only assembling the highest quality circuit boards with our extensive range of specialty equipment for the purpose, we’re able to efficiently prioritize jobs for clients who are in a rush.

We have performed single-day turnarounds for clients in the past, and remain well-positioned to put a new client’s needs first when the occasion calls for it. From automated cable assembly to hand assembly for small-volume projects, we are uniquely positioned to solve client problems with speed and professionalism in all areas of our industry.

Modular Planning Eliminates Corner-Cutting

The biggest problems that circuit board manufacturers often face are caused by generalized assembly processes. The typical assembly floor will feature a small variety of computerized workstations designed to specifically couple systems. These systems are connected by a feeder carrier – essentially a specialized conveyor belt that takes assembly products from one system to the next.

This is an ideal system to manufacture similar items in a highly automated manner, but it breaks down when creating customized solutions for clients who need fast, reliable prototypes made.

The Power Design Services system is modular in nature. We’re able to shift and prioritize production workstations according to their greatest utility in order to maximize efficiency across the board. We still use coupled systems, but instead of being fixed – product x goes from workstation A to B to C – they are designed for flexibility.

In this way, individual workstations can be arranged as needed for a specific project and then rearranged for different projects without losing time. This is what allows our assembly experts to create many different types of printed circuit boards while remaining on time and within budget for each project we take on.

Power Design Services is a San Jose-based assembler of printed circuit boards for innovative technology products. We offer fast turnaround times on all of our projects – contact us for a quote on your prototype!


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