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New PCB Screen Printer

San Jose Electronic Assembly Company Adds New Automatic Screen Printer to its Production Line

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SAN JOSE, CA (December 15, 2011) – Power Design Services, a Silicon Valley full-service printed circuit board manufacturer and electronic assembly company, has added a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that will enhance its ability to quickly provide its customers with quality PCB prototypes and related products.

Tuan Tran, Vice President of Sales for Power Design Services, said, “the EKRA E4 In-line Automatic Screen Printer uses two high resolution cameras to make the process of applying solder paste more accurate. Soldering flaws such as open joints or bridges will be greatly reduced.”

“The EKRA E4 also uses lasers to guide pin placement for double-sided printed circuit boards”, said Tran. “Overall, the new machine will allow the company to improve quality and make manufacturing more efficient, holding down costs to customers.”

“Power Design Services is always seeking to upgrade its machinery whenever it makes sense for improved quality and production throughput for us”, Tran said. “We seek to provide our customers the best possible product. The EKRA E4 will be a great tool for our customers.”

Tran said the EKRA E4 is also widely known for its reliability, a fact that will improve Power Design Services’ response time to customers’ rush orders “without sacrificing our high quality of workmanship.”

The San Jose-based company is ISO 9001:2000 certified by BSI Management Systems. Its growth facilitated a move into a modern, 8,000 square-foot facility last year.

The company specializes in design, manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards, circuit board assemblies, and flex circuit production, as well as prototype and pre-production PCB manufacturing.

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