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Package on Package Assembly Technologies

Advanced Package on Package Assembly Technologies

50% Faster Build Time, Lower Manufacturing Costs

Rely on our technical expertise and the benefits of PoP technology for cost-effective flex and rigid circuit boards. Combining the latest stacking techniques with PCB assembly best practices, we help reduce your manufacturing costs and time-to-market. You can count on our extensive experience with package on package (PoP) assembly technologies to mitigate your design-build and manufacturing challenges.

Turnkey solutions deliver accurate and reliable output in half the time. We can handle prototypes and mid-volume runs of varying complexities. From parts procurement to PCB assembly and testing, and inventory control—we manage the entire process in-house to avoid quality issues and delays. Consult our experts about how to improve the electrical performance of your devices.

Benefits of PoP Assemblies over Chip Stacking

From greater miniaturization capabilities to improved electrical performance and lower product cost, there are many distinct advantages of PoP assembly technologies. Here are some key benefits that could drive significant time, cost and performance advantages for your firm:

  • Prevention of material waste: Since the memory package undergoes testing separately from the logic package, you do not risk rendering the entire set useless if there are any memory issues.
  • Better control: The end user can control the logistics for higher price benefits with flexible designs. Mechanical mating of the top package provides for flexible materials and can simplify component selection and inventory control.
  • No need to source memory: The memory only comes into the mix at the final assembly stage, so logic suppliers need not source any memory.

With advanced testing capabilities, we ensure optimum functionality of your circuit boards and adherence to all regulatory standards before shipping them to you. Talk to us about your next prototype development project. We will be happy to customize a solution for you. 

ISO 9000 and ITAR-Certified Package-On-Package Assembly Company

Power Design Services is one of the few PCB assembly companies offering full service engineering, design, and manufacturing resources. Our cross-vertical experience is beneficial for customers in many industries, including medical devices, aerospace components, telecommunications, industrial and engineering equipment, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment.

Located a few minutes away from Mineta San Jose International Airport, we provide fast and efficient nationwide service from our ITAR and ISO-9000 certified facility. Customers in Silicon Valley can take advantage of a special pickup and delivery service.

As your manufacturing partner, you can count on us for cost-efficient package on package assembly technologies that will give you a competitive edge. 

Contact PDS engineering to discuss your POP requirements. Call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today.


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