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Pcb Design Service

A PCB Design Service for All Companies

Power Design Services’ PCB design service is often a customer’s first exposure to our company. In the highly-competitive field of printed circuit board design, assembly and fabrication, our designers understand that they must go the extra mile in order to win a customer’s business.
While many companies use our PCB design service to simply refine a design, we are often asked to create designs from scratch, or take very rough designs and make them functional.
The designers at PDS, the Silicon Valley-based printed circuit board experts, are up for any challenge. Call us today at 408-437-1931 or email us at info@powerdesignservices.com for a quote on your project and more information about our PCB design service.

Some FAQs About Our PCB Design Service

  • We’ve found it difficult to work with outside companies on printed circuit board designs. What makes Power Design Services different?

Our employees are veterans of years of printed circuit board design, assembly and fabrication. The designers at PDS make their living developing quality printed circuit board layouts for a range of electronic prototypes and take pride in the fact all kinds of companies choose them as their PCB design service.

  • Does Power Design Services’ designers know the software we prefer to use?

No need to worry that your design software is not compatible with ours. Our designers have mastered the best-known programs and if we don’t own software that is compatible to yours we will obtain it.

  • Is your PCB design service expensive?
You’ll find Power Design Services’ prices very competitive with any other printed circuit board designer. In addition to our reasonable prices, the fact that we are a very experienced PCB design service also helps keep your costs down – we do it right the first time. Referring to our printed circuit board design rules could also save you money.
  • Our prototype is too complicated (or too simple) for Power Design Services to undertake.
Our company was founded on the principle of giving our customers what they want. We’ve executed complex printed circuit board designs for very large companies and straightforward designs for small firms. Either way, we’re committed to helping you with your project, regardless of size.
To learn more about Power Design Services’ PCB design service, call us today at 408-437-1931 or email us at info@powerdesignservices.com.
We serve customers worldwide and provide special delivery services in the California cities of San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.  Located next to Mineta International Airport in San Jose, we can reach most areas of the United States within same day delivery.

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