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PCB Engineering Prototype Development That Assures Success

At Power Design Services, the management of PCB prototype development timelines and costs starts with our engineers.

Their comprehensive knowledge of the process of producing quality printed circuit boards is the foundation of Power Design Services’ reputation for outstanding customer service.

An experienced engineer can jumpstart your prototype development, keep it on track, and ultimately make the difference between a successful application launch and a failed one.

Our suggestion to every client, particularly those who are new to the electronics industry: Take advantage of the benefits offered by our in-house engineering staff. Engineers are a valuable resource for practical advice and your link to turning the application you envision into reality.

Our In-House Engineers Are the Right Fit for You

Power Design Services’ engineering staff members possess all the attributes required by businesses involved in prototype development. You can be confident our engineers will help produce the best overall results because:

  • We have a proven in-house process. Our engineers are employed directly by Power Design Services. They perform all their work in-house, at our modern headquarters in San Jose. Grouping employees in one place facilitates creative collaboration while speeding the overall process. Keeping all PCB assembly work in-house is also is far more efficient than hiring sub-contractors whose training and skills may not match the standards insisted upon by Power Design Services.
  • Our engineers are detail people. The grand plan you envision requires proper execution of specific aspects. When our engineers are able to identify and fix potential problems during the design phase, testing proceeds more smoothly and we reduce delays caused by reworking the design.
  • We adjust to last-minute changes swiftly. Our engineers understand that there are cases where we must alter the initial design. Our goal is to produce PCB prototypes that function flawlessly for our clients. If that means putting in overtime to accomplish this goal, we’ll do it.
  • Client communication is key. We don’t neglect the human element while working in a high tech industry. That includes continual communication with clients. An engineer, who is your reliable point of contact, oversees your project. Our clients stay informed 24/7, but particularly when problems arise.
  • Expert layout assistance. Although Power Design Services does not perform layouts, our engineers can provide expert advice on designing prototype layouts that are easier to manufacture. Their suggestions can save your time and money, critical for efficient production. In some cases, we can cut the time to product launch in half.

Clients Benefit from Our Convenient Location

Along with knowledgable engineers, Power Design Services offers another benefit to clients: Our location.

Mineta San Jose Airport is less than a mile and a half from our San Jose plant. That means we are able to get your prototype to you fast, regardless of where in the world you are.

For clients in Silicon Valley, we offer pick up or express delivery service to make quick turnarounds even faster.

Learn more about hiring Power Design Services for professional PCB engineering prototype development. Call 408-437-1931 today to speak with one of our representatives, or ask for an online quote.


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