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About Power Design Services

Prototype, Flex Circuit and PCB Production Services

Power Design Services was created in the interest of conveniently facilitating our customer needs through partnership. We believe that only through thorough communication and diligent follow through can we expect return business. We specialize in prototype and pre-production build quantities with emphasis on quality and on-time delivery.

The two founders of PDS started in the printed circuit board industry back in the early 1980’s working in different positions at various companies. In 2003, the founders with their experienced background decided to open Power Design Services. Knowing it would be a challenge in an over saturated industry, they knew that PDS can offer services and quality that have not been seen before. The company started in a 500sq ft office and grew into 20 plus employees. Today fortune 500 companies such as Toshiba, PALM, Broadcom relies on PDS for their prototype and small production requirements.

Let us be your printed circuit board solution provider.

Our knowledge of printed circuit board fabrication and assembly makes us one of the leaders in the industry. Backed by over 20 years of circuit board and assembly manufacturing experience, we can offer you a complete turnkey solution. “We strive for customer satisfaction through employee awareness and training.”
– Keith Schenk (President)

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