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PCB With Heavy Copper Assembly

PCB With Heavy Copper Etching and Assembly For Great Performance

Advantages of Copper Layering in Printed Circuit Board Production Include Lower Costs and Reduced Failure Rates

heavy copper PCB servicesA durable, reliable PCB with heavy copper assembly, as manufactured by the professionals at Power Design Services, is the ideal fit for today’s high-demand electronic applications.

A long-time favorite in the military and aerospace industries, printed circuit boards that include copper layers are fast becoming more common in other industrial applications.

That’s because a PCB with heavy copper assembly offers multiple advantages over a conventional printed circuit board:

  • A simpler, yet stronger, structure. Integrating high-current circuits into copper plating allows for a denser printed circuit board while reducing layer count to keep the PCB’s structure relatively uncomplicated.
  • Reduced failure rates. Copper’s ability to conduct heat away from temperature-sensitive vital components is particularly important in today’s world of more complex printed circuit boards and higher current requirements.
  • Lower cost. In spite of the price of copper, a PCB with heavy copper assembly can actually result in an overall lower production cost.

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Unfamiliar with the use of heavy copper in circuitry? Our designers are willing to discuss with you or your company’s representatives the production requirements of a PCB with heavy copper assembly.
Whether our team is producing printed circuit boards with heavy copper elements, more conventional PCBs, or flex circuits, Power Design Services maintains its high ISO 9001-2000-certified standards.
We’re based in San Jose, in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. We provide services all over the world and throughout the valley, including the nearby cities of Alameda, Danville, Fremont, Hollister, Livermore, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Pleasanton, Redwood City, Santa Clara, San Leandro, Sunnyvale, and Tracy.
PDS is also conveniently located near Norman Mineta San Jose International Airport. Prototype or limited-production orders can be quickly shipped to anywhere across the globe. In fact, quick turnaround is a Power Design Services specialty.
Let’s discuss how a PCB with heavy copper assembly can super-charge your electronic product concept. Call Power Design Services today at 408-437-1931. You may also forward your questions or ideas by emailing us.

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