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San Jose Electronic Assembly Company Expands Capabilities to Include Full Product Assembly

Power Design Services, Inc. Announces Complete Turnkey Assembly Solutions


Power Design Services, Inc. Announces Complete Turnkey Assembly Solutions San Jose, CA (June 24, 2014) – Power Design Services (PDS) is expanding its capability by offering full product solution (a.k.a. “box build”).   With the growing consumer electronic industry, many of PDS customers are looking for more than just an assembly house.  Customers are looking for vendors who can provide a full product assembly solution (including bare PCB fabrication, assembly, cabling, enclosure, testing, etc).

For the past year PDS has focus on growing this part of its business.  PDS now can offer customers a true turnkey solution from design to full enclosure with final testing.  PDS can fill the void for low volume products that would not be built oversea because of various reasons.

Vice President of Sales Tuan Tran states- “We are excited about our new capabilities to offer our customers the ability to take their design concept thru to final completed unit.  Our customers don’t have to worry about the manufacturing process as we can deliver their products straight to their end customers.  Our customers can now focus their time on product development instead of manufacturing.”

Power Design Services, Inc. provides quick-turn and volume production of flex circuit, printed circuit board (PCB), and rigid-flex circuit designs.  PDS specializes in “small volumes, really fast” as well as complete turn-key electronic solutions including design, manufacturing and assembly.  Based in California’s Silicon Valley, PDS has provided printed circuit board services since 2003.  PDS provides PCB and assembly solutions to the medical, military, consumer, telecommunication, etc industries.  Since PDS is always on the cutting edge of technology, PDS plays a key part in many of the Silicon Valley companies’ early product development.


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