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Power Design Services (PDS) Expands Capacity and Space

Power Design Services PCB Assembly in San Jose CA

As of March 1st, 2016 PDS has taken over the building adjacent to its existing building.  This expansion will add roughly 5000 sq feet to the PDS manufacturing floor.  The expansion is part of PDS’ aggressive growth plan for 2016.  The renovation started right away and is expected to be completed by April 1.

In addition to the increase in square footage, PDS is bringing in a new Juki SMT line.  This will give PDS 50% increase in machine capacity.  The SMT line is the latest product line from Juki.  It has the capability to put down 01005 parts and microBGA’s with precise accuracy.

PDS goal is to be able to handle twice the volume of prototypes that it is currently outputting daily.  Also the added space will give our customers the ability to have a place to work onsite at PDS.  Tuan Tran, VP of Sales, states “The additional space will give us more capacity to add new equipment and offer some of our customers the ability to test and trouble shoot their board right at PDS.  As soon as the board comes off the line, our customers can test them right away.  This will give our customers a quick build and test cycle.”


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