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Power Design Services Expansion Announced

Electronic Assembly Company Announces Major Expansion in San Jose, CA Facility

Power Design Services Expands PCB Assembly, Box Build and Functional Testing Capacities

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June 29, 2016 (San Jose, CA)   After 6 months of planning and construction, Power Design Services announces the completion of their $500K expansion in their San Jose, CA Printed Circuit Board (PCB) automated assembly manufacturing facility. We increased our building space by 5000sq ft of manufacturing and support.  In addition, we added a whole new Juki line to expand our capabilities and capacity for more high speed electronic assembly for production, development and prototype PCB circuits.

The newest Juki Pick-n-Place PCB assembly line consists of:

  • EKRA screen printer
  • Juki KE-3010XL Pick-n-Place
  • Juki KE-3020VXL Pick-n-Place
  • Vitronics Soltec XPM3m Reflow Oven.

The Juki KE-3010XL and KE-3020VXL are the latest Pick-n-Place machines that can accurately put down 18,000 parts per hour.  In addition, the Juki machines can handle parts down to 01005 and microBGA(s) down to 0.3mm.  The new Juki’s also allow PDS to handle board size as big as 22×24 inches.

Andrew Ma, General Manager, commented, “PDS has always been at the forefront of PCBA technology.   With the additional equipment, we are keeping pace with the cutting edge technology.  As PDS continues to grow, it is important for PDS to identify where the growth lies and keep pace with the industry”.

Included in the expansion, Power Design Services carved out 1,000 sq ft dedicated for additional box build and functional testing capacity.  PDS has seen a lot of growth in these electronic service areas.  Power Design Services supports many customers with products needing to run at production levels, but the total volume is not high enough to justify oversea manufacturing.  PDS has seen this as an area opportunity for further growth.

About Power Design Services

Power Design Services, Inc. provides quick-turn and volume production of flex circuit, printed circuit board (PCB), and rigid-flex circuit designs.  PDS specializes in “small volumes, really fast” as well as complete turn-key electronic assembly solutions including design, manufacturing and assembly.  Based in California’s Silicon Valley, PDS has provided printed circuit board assembly services since 2003.  PDS provides PCB and assembly solutions to the medical, military, consumer, telecommunication, and other industries.  Since PDS is always on the cutting edge of technology, PDS plays a key part in many of the Silicon Valley companies’ early product development.   PDS is ITAR and ISO-9001 Certified.


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