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How Power Design Services Stands Apart From Other PCB Makers

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Finding a printed circuit board fabrication and assembly company that provides the specific services and high standards your business requires can be time-consuming and confusing.

Your search ends with Power Design Services.

We began business with the intent of becoming the Silicon Valley PCB manufacturer that stands apart from the competition in terms of quality, speed and breadth of services. A long list of loyal clients and years of steady growth show we succeeded in our goal.

Here’s what Power Design Services offers in comparison to competitors who come up on a typical internet search:

  • Custom PCB production. Companies such as Sunstone, ExpressPCB, Advanced Circuits, Rushpcb and SF Circuits have done brisk business in building low-cost, one-size-fits-all printed circuit boards. But generic PCBs with similar thicknesses, layer counts, and colors have their limitations. Power Design Services customizes PCBs to your specifications for maximum functionality.
  • Live technical support. In this industry, customer service is too often relegated to automated systems that may or may not provide the right answers. Power Design Services provides support from knowledgeable live engineers who are available for questions or order changes.
  • A variety of assemblies. Altaflex, Uniflex, Allflex and Minco are known for their flex circuits. But many solutions call for a rigid PCB such as an FR4, or rigid assembly. We provide both rigid and flex circuit boards as well as PCB assemblies and box build solutions.
  • Quick-turn prototypes. Power Design Services has become known for the ability to rapidly fill orders for low-volume prototypes. Cirexx, Naprotek, Valley Services, Nexlogic, Screaming Circuits and ProtoExpress don’t do quick-turn prototypes, nor can they match our ability to produce quotes in two to four hours and build full turnkey projects in three to five days.
  • Low-volume orders. Sanmina, Flextronics, Jabil, Paramit and Plexus specialize in high volume orders – say, 10,000 a month. For many companies, a requirement of five units in five-day turns is much more common. With a fast response and quality prototype solutions, PDS handles such low-volume orders better than anyone in the industry.

Power Design Services provides a wide range of PCB manufacturing services and puts a talented and helpful staff at your disposal, so there’s no need to waste time shopping for a different printed circuit board manufacturer for every project. We do it all.

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