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Plan for 2016 – Reshoring of Your Manufacturing Back to the US

Better Services, Quality and Customer Satisfaction 

As companies plan for 2016, many will be partnering with contract manufacturing services within the US and Silicon Valley in particular, to improve their competitiveness in the market. Is your company among them?

The myth of US electronic manufacturing services being more expensive than their offshore counterparts has long since been dispelled. In fact, many manufacturers have made the shift realizing the distinct benefits of working with companies on home soil. Competitive pricing is just one advantage that domestic firms like Power Design Services offer their clients. Let’s look at some of the other important ones such as service quality and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Reshoring Your Electronic Manufacturing Requirements Back to the US

  • Cutting-edge equipment and processes: There is little doubt that some of the best manufacturing equipment and processes originate in the US. Contract manufacturing services offshore, often have outdated machines and are prone to taking short cuts to give you that big price break as well as increase their business volume. No manufacturer wants to get into rework or recall issues. Power Design Services clients benefit from our product review expertise and highly advanced testing procedures. If there are bugs, we will identify and fix them before the production stage.
  • Innovative solutions: One of the main reasons for the reshoring of electronic manufacturing is the next-generation thinking. World-class companies like Power Design have virtually seen and done it all. This means that when product design or manufacturing challenges arise, you can count on us to work it through. Our electronic assembly experts have been instrumental in the development of many breakthrough products like Freedom Innovation’s bionic knee and NASA’s micro satellite TechEDSat-X.
  • Reliable quality: When customer satisfaction and business reputation is on the line, price becomes a secondary consideration. Many manufacturing verticals including semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications, industrial equipment and medical devices have strict standards to adhere to. Partnering with an ITAR and ISO-9000 Certified electronic manufacturing company like Power Design gives you peace of mind.
  • Fully-integrated product development services: Isn’t that every manufacturer’s dream? Today it is part of standard service in many US electronic manufacturing companies. Every stage of your product development is handled by a single source, eliminating time delays and cost increases. Power Design Services, for instance, offers complete PCB assembly solutions right from PCB design layout review to warehousing, shipping and inventory management. This significantly reduces quality issues as well as your time to market.
  • Long term value: Every manufacturer wants a long-term partner they can count on. There is usually a reason the price is too good to be true and many have found that out at critical moments. If you are looking for better quality products and customer satisfaction, electronic manufacturing firms in the US and specifically in Silicon Valley are a clear winner.

At Power Design Services, our sprawling 8,000-square foot, ESD-controlled plant, conveniently located near San Jose Mineta International Airport is designed to provide high-quality, expedited electronic manufacturing solutions. We can deliver special requests within 24 hours. Local pick-up and delivery in Silicon Valley is also available if you need it.

Ask our experts for a customized plan to simplify the complex logistics and process of product development through production. Turnkey electronic manufacturing solutions from Power Design Services will give you the competitive edge you want.

Request a quote for customized electronic manufacturing services in Silicon Valley. Call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today.

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