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Save Money with Turnkey PCB Solutions

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Our Turnkey PCB Company Will Save You Money

At Power Design Services, we’ll help your business cut back production costs and overhead expenses. We’re the turnkey PCB company that has the experience and knowledge to make your life a bit easier.

As a manufacturer, increasing your customer prices may be inevitable due to the rising labor wages, inventory, and the high cost of acquiring and maintaining equipment.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that loyal customers will start to look for cheaper alternatives.

Our workforce of industry veterans operates from an 8,000-square foot, ESD-controlled plant that strategically lies close to San Jose Mineta International Airport. Known as one of the leading turnkey PCB companies in Silicon Valley, we’re able to design and assemble your PCB requirements often before our deadlines.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Turnkey PCB Company Like Power Design Services?

  • We’re the electronic assembly experts: At Power Design Services, we take your projects from the initial design review through to the final assembly. Our PCB experts are backed by experience and knowledge to ensure a successful outcome, every time. This means your product will get to the relevant market smoothly, quickly, and most cost-effectively.
  • We offer full-service PCB solutions: Our service starts with the layout review, obtaining materials, and PCB design. We move on to assembly and testing as well as shipping and warehousing. As the whole process is covered by our turnkey PCB company, there’s less risk of rework due to errors and mishandling. Our staff work at a rate of maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • We have the available expertise to meet a diversity of industry requirements: At Power Design Services, we’ve been fortunate enough to help create many groundbreaking products. We’ve successfully partnered with NASA on occasion and are proud to have helped Telemetry Solutions create their Wildlife GPS tracking system. For over 20 years, we’ve worked on medical devices, manufacturing equipment, semiconductor testing, industrial equipment, and telecommunications.
  • We consistently produce high quality work: Our certifications include ISO-9000 and ITAR so you can rest assured we’re meeting the highest quality standards. We use rigorous testing protocols at every stage of development. Because all our work is completed in-house, we’re able to meet deadlines easily and our advanced equipment and knowledgeable staff ensure we achieve all your specifications.
  • We save you money: Outsourcing to a reliable and competent turnkey PCB company means that purchasing and maintaining equipment are our responsibility – not yours. We’ve helped many companies save money, over the years, by our ability to handle high volumes of work with minimal errors and cost to our customers.

Our Turnkey PCB Company Guarantees Your Satisfaction

Whether you’re filling high volume orders or developing prototypes, Power Design Services is committed to making our customers happy. Partnering with us will improve your bottom line significantly and you’ll thank us for using us, hopefully sooner.

We’re able to produce special orders within 24 hours and we also offer a local pickup and delivery service in Silicon Valley.

To request a quote for our turnkey PCB solutions and services call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today.



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