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Seattle Area PCB and Flex Circuit Assembly Services

Full Service and Prototype PCB, Flex Circuit and Hand Assembly

Prototype Flex Circuit Assembly SeattleIf you are looking for the best quality prototype PCB, flex circuit or hand assembly for your Seattle, Beaverton or Portland business, Power Design Services is the company to call. Not every PCB manufacturing and assembly company can support prototypes, but at Power Design Services, we welcome the opportunity to work with you on your unique requirements.

We support adhesiveless prototype flex circuit assembly which typically falls into two general categories: cast dielectric on copper and sputtered copper on dielectric film. These materials have gained in popularity recently due to the thinner, more flexible construction. Adhesiveless materials often have better electrical properties too.

We also support adhesive-based prototype flex circuit assembly, which also falls into two general categories: acrylic and epoxy.

Power Design Services has been offering full-service and prototype flex circuit assembly since 1988. Our services include design, manufacturing, and prototype support. Our facilities have the latest flexible circuit assembly equipment. Our stringent quality control practices will ensure your prototype flex circuit assembly will be delivered to your exact specifications.

Quick-Turn Prototype PCB and Flex Circuit Assembly

At Power Design Services our prototype flex circuit assembly services include quick-turn projects. We custom assemble many of our customer’s products to a wide range of connectors, terminations, components, and devices with automatic and MIL-certified precision hand soldering.

Our full service and prototype flex circuit assembly services include:

  • Initial design
  • Circuit fabrication
  • Assembly operation
  • Functional testing

From our manufacturing and assembly facility in Silicon Valley, we serve customers around the nation including those in Seattle, Washington, and Beaverton and Portland in Oregon.

Contact Power Design Services at 408-437-1931, or send an email to info@PowerDesignServices.com.


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