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Seattle Area PCB and Flex Circuit Assembly Services

Quick Turn Flex Circuits for Seattle, Beaverton and Portland Area Firms

Quick Turn Flex CircuitsWhen engineers and engineering firms need high-quality quick turn flex circuits, they want a knowledgeable team with experience and skill. As an integrated PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly firm, we know our customers are counting on our quick turn flex circuits to support critical business objectives.

Our flex circuit services include:

  • Design services including mock-ups, impedance modeling, PCB layout and full CAD support at every stage
  • Production-ready prototypes – an exact version of what you can expect to see when you order production units
  • Fully populated flex circuit assembly and finished product assembly
  • Electrical functional and continuity testing, impedance testing, and in-circuit testing

Flex circuit boards have significantly grown in popularity to accommodate light electronic packages and electrical connections where the board thickness and/or flexibility is a critical factor to success. To meet this growing market need, Power Design Services offers quick turn flex circuit assembly services to support critical changes in your customer market and timely delivery of products. We also provide strategic consulting and advisory services if you need layout support, and/or EMC and SI design during the PCB design phases.

A Quick Turn Flex Circuit Team You Can Count On

Power Design Services remains the leading provider of quick turn flex circuit and flex circuit assembly in Seattle, Beaverton, and Portland.

Our quick turn flex circuit capabilities include:

  • Adhesiveless construction – for more flexible, thinner circuits
  • Additive processing – for high-density circuits down to .0015”
  • Selective plating – for multiple attachment methods on the same flex circuit
  • Alternate materials – for optimal performance in unique applications

Contact Power Design Services at 408-437-1931, or request a quote for quick turn flex circuits today. You can also get in touch with our team by sending an email to info@PowerDesignServices.com.


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