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Sequential Lamination Technology for PCB’s

Sequential Lamination Technology for High Performance Multi-Layer PCBs

sequential lamination technologyPower Design Services uses advanced sequential lamination technology allowing the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB) as the composition of different subsets of boards and layers.

A PCB subset is a multilayer printed circuit board presented in an almost completed PCB process.  The PCB subsets, starting generally with two, are pressed together with a dielectric element added between each pair of subsets. The resulting structure is then submitted to additional PCB processing steps required such as drilling, plating, etching, solder and finishes application.

The sequential lamination technology makes the manufacturing of blind and buried vias at the interface between two adjacent subsets possible.  The process continues with additional pressing cycles that may be needed to complete the application.  If the application requires more than a single pressing and lamination cycle, it is known as a Sequential Build Up, or SBU technology.

Talk to our highly qualified and experienced engineers about Power Design’s sequential lamination technology solutions for your PCB assembly or manufacturing requirements.

We offer quick turnaround and low rates to help significantly improve your market share and bottom line.

Our PCB and SBU services are recognized for high quality, performance and reliability. Local, national and international companies rely on us to enhance their product offerings and competitiveness.

Certified PCB Services in Silicon Valley

Turnkey Solutions for Sequential Lamination Technology Requirements

Power Design’s PCB services are ITAR and ISO-9000 certified. Our well-equipped production facility, conveniently located near San Jose Mineta International Airport, is manned by industry veterans who can support your design, layout, prototype, manufacturing, repair and rework, test, pack and ship – all in one location.

Our turnkey solutions involving sequential lamination technology serve wide ranging industries including medical devices, aerospace, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications and industrial engineering equipment. Whether you have a high volume order or need a PCB quick turn prototype, you can rest assured we will get it to you on time and within budget.

Our sequential lamination technology expertise will reduce the time and cost of manufacturing your high quality multi-layer printed circuit boards.

Request a quote for PCB services with sequential lamination technology. Call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 if you have questions. You can also contact our sequential lamination technology team online.


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