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Our PCB Services

Single- & Multilayer PCB Fabrication Services

Fast & Accurate Printed Circuit Board and Prototype Services

Backed by over 20 years of experience, Power Design Services’ printed circuit board manufacturing has been one of the top suppliers to many company needing fast turnarounds and superior quality. Capable of handling multilayer PCB orders and prototype requests with a wide variety of materials, Power Design Services ensures that your PCB needs get delivered on time, every time. Power Design Services uses strict PCB fabrication rules to optimize cost and time, minimizing unnecessary redesign risks for any company. With cutting-edge PCB equipment and over 20 years of experience, Power Design Services can help you with DRC, DFM, Impedance Calculation, etc. Power Design Services simply has all the tools, experience, and skills to take your multilayer PCB from design to reality.

Printed circuit board technologies we fabricate:

Standard FR4 and Hi-Temp FR4
Flex and Rigid-Flex

  • DuPont, Rogers, Shin-Etsu

RF/Microwave/High Speed

  • Rogers
  • Taconic
  • Arlon
  • Getek
  • Polyimide


  • FR4 with Roger, Arlon, Taconic
  • FR4 with heavy metal copper

Services: Lead Times

FR4 (1-8 layers): 1 day – 2 weeks turn

FR4 (10-32 layers): 2 days – 3 weeks turn

Flex (1-4 layers): 1 day – 2 weeks turn

Flex (6-20 layers): 5 days – 3 weeks turn

PC Prototype and Small to Medium Sized Runs Fabrication and Assembly

Today’s high-tech company demands a variety of PCB capabilities from their suppliers. Power Design Services offers a range of single layer and multilayer PCB fabrication, including:

  • Standard/hi-temp FR4
  • Flex/rigid-flex (DuPont, Rogers, Shin-Etsu)
  • RF/microwave/high-speed (Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Getek, Polyimide)
  • Hybrids (FR4 with Roger/Arlon/Taconic, FR4 with heavy metal copper)

With a proven commitment to customer service, Power Design Services sets the standard for PCB fabrication for any company located in Silicon Valley and beyond–and when businesses need total turn-key services, Power Design Services also offers printed circuit board design and assembly services.


Samples of our Printed Circuit Board and Flex Circuit Manufacturing Capabilities


Rigid-Flex Circuit Board Assemblies San Jose CA

Flexible Circuit Board Assembly San Jose CA
18 Layer PCB with BGA Assemblies San Jose CA
18 layer with 2600+ Components
PCB Assembly with different colored solder masks San Jose CA
Different colored solder masks
Rogers 303 / FR4 with soft bondable gold assemblies San Jose CA
Rogers 3003/FR4
with soft bondable gold
Printed Circuit Boards with gold plated edges - Assembled in San Jose CA
Gold plated edges
Printable Blind Via Design Rules

Delivering PCB Fabrication Orders On Time, Every Time

Many suppliers can offer their manufacturing services, but few can match Power Design Services’ speed; Power Design Services’ turnaround times include FR4 (1-8 layers) and flex (1-4 layers) printed circuit boards in as little as a day, and even high-density multilayer PCBs (flex 20 layers) can be done within five days. Every project is treated with the utmost care, with a design review that optimizes PCB manufacturing and regular status teleconferences. Power Design Services has served Silicon Valley for more than 20 years, and its mission remains to be the preferred suppliers of PCB manufacturing services for companies around the world.

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