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High-Speed Design, Digital And Analog PCB Design: Its All Possible

High Speed PCB Design Services San Jose CABacked by 20 years of flex circuit and PCB experience, Power Design Services offers end-to-end circuit board layout solutions for quality results at fast turnarounds. PCB layout is a Power Design Services specialty, utilizing the latest software tools such as PADS and Cadence to execute to your specific needs and standards. Capable of flex cable, flex circuit, and digital and analog design, Power Design Services provides modular service to meet any client’s specific PCB layout needs. From circuit board layout to documentation to verification, Power Design Services puts cutting-edge technology to the test to meet your goals.

services-1Power Design Services offers design services such as flex circuit, flex cable, and circuit board layout, including:

  • PCB layout
  • Schematic capture
  • Netlist translation
  • Interactive/auto-routing
  • EMC consulting

Once the circuit board layout is complete, Power Design Services can make the design a reality with complete turn-key solutions, including PCB and flex circuit fabrication and assembly.

Quality PCB Layout, Quality Customer Service

services-2Power Design Services circuit board layout clients always get the highest levels of customer service for their project. Fast turnarounds, total turn-key solutions, and the latest technology; when you work with Power Design Services, you know your project is in the hands of more than two decades of experience. Unique situations, such as high-voltage PCB layout and ultra-high density integrated circuits, can all be handled in a timely, professionalfashion, and every aspect of your circuit board layout project is specified and verified through continuous review and communication. From PDF check prints to regular teleconferences and placement checks, Power Design Services is committed to absolute quality from flex circuit to flex cable.

Learn more about Power Design Services, contact us for more information, or check out the table below for a full list of Power Design Services PCB layout specifics.

Learn about our PCB software tools


  • PWB Layout
  • Schematic Capture
  • Netlist Translation
  • Interactive/Auto Routing
  • EMC Consulting


  • Military
  • Digital
  • Flex
  • Analog
  • RF Microwave
  • D/S Through-Hole SMD


  • Air Gap
  • Annular Ring
  • Power/Ground Shorts
  • Net-List
  • Silkscreen Overlap
  • Mechanical Fit
  • Hanging Traces

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Ultra High Density
  • Mother Board Design
  • High Speed Backplane
  • High voltage PCB Design


  • 1:1 Checkplots
  • Gerber Files
  • Aperture Lists
  • Net-List
  • NC Drill Files
  • Fabrication Drawing Files
  • PCB Layout Files

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