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Tips for Faster Prototype PCB Assemblies

Find the Right Contract Manufacturing Partner 

Faster prototype PCB assemblies can help lower your cost and reach your customers quicker. Being integral to your product development, a quick turnaround is critical and will speed up the process of end-user testing and feedback.

Our electronic prototype assembly experts offer these useful tips for easier assembly and quicker circuit board testing.

  • Contact your prototype manufacturer at the design stage: Power Design Services offers PCB layout review and manufacturing feasibility assessments to ensure product viability and reduce the risk of rework. We are also able to help source the right materials for more cost-efficient assemblies.
  • Prioritize features: As products and circuit boards get smaller, it is more difficult to include all the features you might want in your product. Give your prototype engineers clear guidelines on what’s important and what can be eliminated if needed. This will minimize the back and forth between your team and the PCB assembly company. We also offer our clients budgetary forecasts based on different models which allows them to choose more economical alternatives.
  • Select a full-service PCB assembly partner: Partnering with an established PCB manufacturer can make all the difference. At Power Design Services, we handle everything from design to delivery. Having a single source to manage the whole project streamlines your product development time and cost.
  • Pay attention to technology and machinery: Advanced equipment and proven processes improve speed, precision and quality. This helps keep errors to a minimum, which in turn contributes to improved product performance and greater customer satisfaction.

With the right contract manufacturing partner, like Power Design Services, you can significantly reduce the time involved in taking your product from the idea stage to store shelves.

Speed Up Your Build and Test Cycle at Our Expanded PCB Assembly Facility

As a specialist in PCB prototype assemblies, Power Design Services employs state-of-the-art technology that shortens your build and test cycle. We have recently acquired a new building which will add approximately 5,000 sq. ft. to our existing 8,000-square foot, ESD-controlled plant. A new Juki SMT line will further increase our PCB assembly machine capacity by 50%.

The expansion project is part of our company’s 2016 initiative to enhance our existing PCB manufacturing services. Once completed, we will not only be able to handle twice the volume of prototypes, but will also offer clients the ability to test and troubleshoot circuit boards on site at our facility. Your build and test cycles will be further reduced!

Our ITAR and ISO-9000 Certifications offer you the assurance of the highest quality of prototype PCB assemblies.  We are conveniently located near San Jose Mineta International Airport to expedite service and deliver special requests within 24 hours. Local pick-up and delivery in Silicon Valley is also available if you need it.

Talk to our team about ways to reduce your product development time and cost. We will design cost-efficient, custom prototype PCB assemblies to meet your unique needs.

Request a quote for prototype PCB assemblies. Call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 today.




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