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Trends in Consumer Expectations Impact New Product Cycle Times

How Your Electronic Design and Manufacturing Partners Can Help 

How fast can your electronic circuit design and manufacturing partner deliver on your prototype, quick turn or volume orders? Their speed, cost-efficiency and skill will determine whether you lead the market or find your company lagging behind the competition.

According to this analytical commentary by senior partners at innovation consulting firm, Kalypso, increased consumer demand for better products and faster delivery is keeping manufacturers and their industry partners on their toes. To be able to reduce time to market, manufacturing companies must speed up their design and engineering processes which means quick turnaround on prototype development and testing. Are your electronic design and manufacturing partners up to the challenge?

What to Look for in an Electronic Design and Manufacturing Company?

Here are 5 important aspects that the service partner you choose must be able to support:

  • Continuous innovation: The constant demand for newer and more sophisticated products has manufacturers engaging in continuous innovation and prototype development. Given this scenario, the right electronic design and manufacturing partner is one that can deliver on complex prototype specifications within challenging time frames. Power Design Services (PDS) offers specialized electrical and mechanical assembly services to meet your needs. We have been instrumental in the creation of many groundbreaking products such as the NASA Nano-Satellite and Freedom Innovations’ Bionic Knee.
  • Quick turnaround: As the competition heats up, consumers have a variety of choices. Your company’s ability to stay ahead of the market depends on your product offering and turnaround time. At PDS, we pride ourselves on being highly responsive to our customer needs and even offer 24-hour delivery for special orders. Our Silicon Valley customers have the added advantage of local pickup and delivery. Whether you need electronic prototype assembly, quick-turn or mid-sized build quantities, you can count on us to be on time, every time.
  • Flexibility: Today’s customer wants to have a say in product features. This means your product development team must be able to incorporate customer feedback quickly and efficiently. PDS experts offer turnkey electronic prototype assembly services to meet unique and challenging requirements. In addition to ensuring the quality, accuracy and viability of your electronic assemblies, we also have the expertise and flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing needs.
  • Value for money: In order to be competitive, you must optimize your production cycle and cut cost. Contract manufacturing services from local experts like PDS can help meet your time and cost objectives without compromising quality or running into compliance issues. Our ability to handle several projects at the same time significantly reduces wait times. The cost-efficiencies achieved by our state-of-the-art electronic assembly and manufacturing plant are passed on as valuable savings for our customers.
  • Complete services: Having a single source handle every aspect of your electronic design and assembly process saves time and cost while minimizing quality issues. At PDS, we manage your entire project in-house, from PCB design layout review to warehousing, shipping and inventory management. With rigorous inspection and testing at every stage of production, we ensure your prototype functions to desired performance levels.

Partnering with Power Design Services reduces your go-to-market time and cost. Consult our experts about electronics design and manufacturing solutions to increase your competitiveness in the market.

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