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Truvolo Drive Electronic Manufacturing Improvements

Truvolo Drive Electronic Manufacturing Improvements

Founder, Jaideep Jain, started Truvolo (www.truvolo) in April 2013.  To get this prototype hardware built, he came to Power Design Services for help.  Power Design Services was able to provide a quickturn, full turnkey solution for Truvolo. Within a few weeks, Truvolo had a finished product in hand ready to test and debug.

Truvolo turns your car into a well-connected car. We enhance the car ownership experience by making you smarter about your car, providing trusted data that can increase safety, while reducing annual maintenance costs. Our mobile platform provides smart alerts and reports via an app to track auto and driver performance, bringing you peace of mind whether you’re behind the wheel or not.

We believe if you own a car, you ought to be able to use your car’s diagnostic data for practical purposes. Managing all your cars seamlessly, tracking trends in performance, timely and predictive warnings, driving and safety alerts… to name a few.

With Truvolo, users receive practical information about:

  • Driving Behavior: Is my teen speeding? Did he arrive at his destination safely?
  • Auto Performance: What does the check engine light mean? How’s my car’s fuel efficiency?
  • Single easy to use interface for all your cars: Track all the cars and drivers in your household seamlessly.
  • Maintenance Tracking: Track your car’s maintenance schedules and stay on top of upcoming appointments.

Truvolo Smart Drive


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